Passive Paydays


Probably the most popular and mentioned business models is called offline marketing, it's where you approach small businesses near your home and offer to do online services for the kids.

Common services are website creation and optimization as well as seo among other things.

Passive Paydays
The one thing I love about this enterprize model could it be may be almost completely a second income. You really don't have to do any of the work, you might outsource everything in order to.

Here's a good example...

First, you have to find businesses to make contact with you could do this this by hiring someone to examine Google or the yellow pages making a set of businesses that meet your criteria.

Once you've a summary of businesses to get hold of, then you will want to contact them, learn who's interested, and hang up up a conference together. Once again you can rely on someone else to contact these businesses as well as have them setup meetings.

Next is the actual meeting with the company owners. It is great to get this done on your own, however you definitely can rely on someone else to conduct these meetings to suit your needs. Make absolutely certain they may be great at it and know precisely simply how much to inquire about along with what goes into the procedure. You will want to let them have some incentive to seal as many sales as you possibly can.

To date we've found the businesses, contacted them and hang up up an arrangement with interested businesses your total work up to now is certainly not except finding good visitors to hire to perform each task.

Next you need to perform the actual work involved, this is really really easy to outsource. You can visit sites like Fiverr or oDesk and also you may even hire someone full time to do these task for you.

Obviously, ecommerce can be completely passive and account for huge paydays particularly when you might be charging a monthly fee (which you should).

Passive Paydays